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How many weeks is the Evangelism Course?

The Evangelism Course is a 10 week course with breaks for major holidays (ie: Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc). You can see the complete schedule on the site Calendar.

What is the deadline for completing each week's material?

Lessons will be opened for access on Monday mornings for that week and the following week. The lessons are setup to be completed in order which will facilitate the discussion and learning process, including our live sessions.

Will there be quizzes or tests on the material?

There are short quizzes interspersed throughout the course. These are for your benefit to help reinforce the material that was covered and help you assess how well you have learned the material. We are not grading you.

Will I receive a grade or certificate at the end of the course?

The course will not be graded. However, you will receive a certificate for completing the course. 

What if I find I cannot complete the course?

We want your experience taking the course to be beneficial and fun! If for some reason you find that you cannot complete the course once it has begun, contact us at courses@E360m.org and we will work with you to make sure you are able to join in another session at a later date.

Do all the lessons remain open during the entire course?

Yes. You will have access to the previous lessons for the entire course so that you will be able to refer to material alreaedy covered. 

Will I have access to the course material once the 10-week session has been completed?

The course will remain open to all active E360 Community members. Active are those members who have logged into the system in the past 6 months.

Can I get a hard copy of the workbook?

The print version of the workbook is currently being designed. Once available for purchase you will be contacted and have the option to purchase for a fee that covers printing and shipping costs. 

When are the live sessions and how do I sign-up?

Live sessions will be held generally every other week. You will have several time slots to choose from when signing up. You will receive an email with directions about how to sign-up for a session. If you need to change the session you are signed up for at the last minute, you may contact us at courses@E360m.org to reschedule. 

What equipment/software do I need for the live sessions?

Live sessions will be approximately 60 minutes long and held using LiveWebinar which can be run in any browser on either your computer or smartphone. For the best experience interacting with the group during a session, you will need a camera connected to your computer or smart phone, headphones, and be setup in a quiet place. A meeting link will be sent to you prior to the live session giving you time to test and contact us if you have any questions. You can also find the link in the calendar or use the “Join Meeting” page on this site.

What is the difference between the live sessions and the one-on-one next steps consult?

Live sessions are generally held on a bi-weekly basis and consist of small groups led by an E360 trainer interacting online discussing the previous two weeks of material, engaging in role plays, and Q&A. The one-on-one next steps consult will be held with just you and an E360 trainer to best help you develop an action plan to help you apply what you have learned in your everyday life. 

Will there be any assignments?

There will not be any assignments. The material is meant to be accessible to all of us who are busy! We may from time to time suggest additional reading which is optional and offer ideas for how you can create opportunities to apply the material we are covering.