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Just as our training emphasizes the need to engage in spiritual converasations with people in our everyday life, the Engage 360 Community site encourages our trainees to share with each other to grow in confidence.


See What People Are Saying 

The training motivated me to be bold and not to avoid spiritual conversations. I had been contemplating volunteering at our local county jail, and after utilizing techniques learned in training, a leader encouraged me to sign up.

I did so immediately and look forward to sharing the Gospel at our local jail. I feel this training confirmed and equipped me to stand firm on the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Training Attendee

Sam McKeen

Pastor, Cambridge Baptist Church
(Cambridge, Maine)

This is exactly what our church needs! We have done other programs in our church, and while they were good, the key is to actually get people to have confidence to move outside their comfort zones and have spiritual conversations.

I love what Engage 360 is doing as it seeks to partner with and help local churches accomplish God’s mission to make disciples.

The Engage 360 evangelism training team gave such an inspiring and Biblical based training and demonstrated knowledge of Scripture. They helped us to know when and how to talk about Jesus through the interactive training.

I was convicted by the Holy Spirit that day, and I now know more of my spiritual gifts. I loved it!


Training Attendee


What Makes Us Different

Feedback and Growth

One of the many benefits of our community is the interaction with others who have gone through the Engage Your World Training.

Expert Instructors

Benefit from monthly calls with other Engage Your World trainees, and quarterly calls from experts to give you an edge in sharing your faith.

Lifetime Access

Access to the Community site is free. Forever. 

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Welcome to Engage 360’s Online Evangelism Training Course! By joining this training, you are taking an important step in growing in your ability to share your faith clearly and effectively. This is a step that many Christians will not take so we are grateful for your...

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